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Firefox Extension Workshop
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Extension Workshop

Launchpad for why and how to build Firefox extensions.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


Once you have Jekyll and yarn insalled you'll need to install the dependencies:

bundle install
yarn install

Then to run locally in devlopment run:

yarn start

Note: Running locally will show unpublished content that uses the published: false convention in frontmatter. Content with published: false will not be available on stage or production.

Available yarn commands

Command Description
yarn clean Clears the output directly and cleans the .jekyll-cache.
yarn build Builds the site.
yarn start Starts jekyll and includes unpublished content. (Note the first run is slow!)
yarn start-prodlike Starts jekyll and doesn't include unpublished content for a production-like experience.

Content Updates

This site has two templates: the Extension Workshop landing page and Content Guidelines pages

How to add a Content Guidelines page

Create a new page

  1. Create new file
  2. Add header (see example below)
  3. Copy 'modules' needed from content-guidelines/ and paste in new file
  4. Save as markdown: content-guidelines/
layout: page
title: Page Name
permalink: /content-guidelines/page-name/
published: false

Note: published: false will withhold this content from stage and production, to publish content, remove this line.

Upload media

  1. Add the image files to _assets/img/
  2. In your page, link to images using this page structure:

This tag will output an entire img element. Note: that using @optim enables the jekyll asset pipeline to optimize the image. This is always recommended unless you see an issue with the output.

{% asset "image.jpg" @optim %}

For finer control you can use:

<img src="{% asset "image.jpg" @path @optim %}" someattr="whatever" />

Here's an example using markdown - note you need to add @path and @optim.

![Remembear subtitle screenshot]({% asset "content-guidelines/remembear-subtitle.png" @path @optim %} "Remembear subtitle text")

Add the page to the menu

Go to _data/content-guidelines-pages.yaml and add a new entry for your page:

- title: "Page Name"
  url: "/content-guidelines/page-name/"
  draft-label: true

Controlling draft labelling

If you don't want the page to be labelled as a draft, as and when it's ready remove draft-label: true from the relevant entry in _data/content-guidelines.yaml


The site is auto-deployed on commits to master to

Tagged commits will be auto deployed to production.

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