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Firefox Accounts is the authentication and authorization system for Cloud Services at Mozilla, providing access to services such as Firefox Sync, Pocket and

This repository contains documentation for getting started with Firefox Accounts development. Most of the actual code for the service lives in sub-repositories linked from the docs below.

Using your Firefox Accounts

You can create an account or sign in directly on, but you almost certainly want to start by using an account-attached service such as Firefox Sync or Firefox Hello.

Integrating with Firefox Accounts

Developing a service that needs Firefox Accounts authentication? Head on over to the Firefox Accounts portal on MDN for a description of the system, how it works, and how to plug into it.

Contributing to Firefox Accounts -

Interested in contributing to the development of Firefox Accounts? Great! Head over to the FxA developer documentation on (which is actually the same content as the local docs directory, but in a nice pre-rendered HTML view).

Please review and understand the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines before contributing to this project.

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Building this Documentation

pip install mkdocs


mkdocs build

Server + File Watching:

mkdocs serve --dev-addr localhost:9032

Publishing to

# Documentation is built automatically from this repository.
git commit
git push origin/master

Admin Operations

Adding new milestones

  • Add the milestone by hand on the mozilla/fxa repo
  • Get a GitHub access token, set GITHUB_USERNAME and GITHUB_API_KEY
  • Run scripts/sync_milestones.js to propagate it to the other repos