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Platform for Mozilla Support
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Latest commit bf238c1 @rehandalal rehandalal Merge pull request #2781 from mythmon/bring-in-authority
[Bug 1238055] Copy django-authority into this repo.
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authority Re-add import-for-exports to authority.
bin Upgrade peep to support pip 7.
configs [Bug 1203633] Switch to Mocha for JS tests.
docs [bug 917754] Nix the mention of redis in the search chapter
kitsune Merge pull request #2784 from mozilla/change-mobile-banner-breakpoint…
media Added CORS to images
requirements Copy django-authority into this repo.
scripts [bug 1225370] Calculate retention metrics for KPI dashboard
smoketests Add .gitignore to smoketests/
static Simplfy static CORS rules.
vendor/tarballs Nix Elasticsearch 0.90.10 tests in travis
wsgi [bug 1121588] Update django 1.7.7
.editorconfig Add editorconfig file, and edit .travis.yml to match.
.eslintrc Fix eslint problems.
.gitignore Update urls to reference new namespaces static paths.
.pre-commit-config.yaml Update pre-commit and friends.
.travis.yml Don't allow lint failures in travis.
CONTRIBUTORS.rst Replace manually curated list of contributors with link to generated …
LICENSE Fix a thing Ricky found that I missed when I fixed the other issue
README.rst [bug 1127834 Replace Firefox Help with Mozilla Support
Vagrantfile [bug 1116489] Update Vagrant config files
bower.json Downgrade nunjucks to v1.3.4
contribute.json Add contribute.json file.
gulpfile.js Fix a lot of lint errors.
lockdown.json Update pre-commit and friends. [bug 1116489] Tweak ImportError message in
package.json Update pre-commit and friends. Upgrade peep to support pip 7.
setup.cfg Upgrade peep to 2.0.
vagrantconfig.yaml [bug 1116489] Update Vagrant config files
vagrantconfig_local.yaml [bug 1116489] Update Vagrant config files


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