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Spot: A linear-operator toolbox for Matlab

Spot is a Matlab toolbox for the construction, manipulation, and application of linear operators. The aim of the Spot Toolbox is to bring the expressiveness of Matlab's built-in matrix notation to problems for which explicit matrices are not practical. Spot includes a collection of fundamental operators (e.g., Fourier, DCT, and Wavelet), and more complex operators can be easily constructed using overloaded versions of Matlab's more familiar matrix-manipulation functions.


Please visit the Spot website for documentation and to download the latest version of the toolbox.


The Spot toolbox requires Matlab version R2008a or later. In particular, Spot makes extensive use of the "new" object-oriented features (defined by the "classdef" keyword) that were introduced in the first quarter of 2008 later. It's been extensively tested against R2009a and R2009b. Please make sure to email one of the authors if you notice some incompatibility.

Spot is prepackaged with all of its required dependencies, and the core functionality will work out-of-the-box. The first step is to add the "spotbox" directory to your Matlab path:

addpath /path/to/spotbox/directory

See the MATLAB documentation for setting the search path.