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Java emotion recognition engine. Given training data and an input image, JEmotionRec can estimate the emotion being conveyed.
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Java Emotion Recognizer

JEmotionRec is an application that takes an image of a person's face as input and outputs the emotion that they are expressing given a set of training data.

This project was originally developed as a project at the University of Waterloo and has since been migrated here and transformed into a more general purpose tool.


$ ./ 
Emotion Recognition Application

Usage: <mode> <args...>

Mode 1: fdet
    Feature detection mode. When running in this mode, the args are:
        arg0 = operation
        arg1 = image_file (PNG or JPEG format)
        arg2 = emotion_type (int)
    The output format is: <file_hash>,<emotion_type>,x1,x2,...,xN

    The operation can be one of full|mouth|edge, where full does face
    detection, mouth applies rescaling and normalization filters,
    and edge does only edge detection.

Mode 2: recognize
    Recognition mode. When running in this mode, the args are:
        arg0 = type (backprop or kohonen)
        arg1 = num_network_nodes (int)
        arg2 = num_features (int)
        arg3 = the name of the training file
        arg4 = the name of the testing file
    The output format is: <file_hash>,<emotion_type>,p1,p2,...,pN


The following example runs the backpropagation algorithm on the given sample DRO's.

./ recognize backprop 14 4 ./sample/training.dat ./sample/training.dat 
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