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Point-To-Point Working Group Wiki Pages

Mailing List

A lot of discussion about the proposals in the point-to-point working group takes place on the working group mailing list: mpiwg-p2p (at) lists (dot) mpi-forum (dot) org. You can subscribe to this list here.

Telecon Information

Fortnightly teleconferences are held, typically at 11am US Central time every other Monday. To obtain connection details, please visit this web page.

Meeting Minutes

  • Telecon: Monday, 31st July 2017 (notes)
  • Face-to-face: Wednesday, 14th June 2017 (notes)
  • Telecon: Monday, 27th March 2017 (notes)
  • Telecon: Monday, 24th October 2016 (notes)
  • Telecon: Monday, 1st February 2016 (notes)
  • Telecon: Tuesday, 8th December 2015 (notes)
  • Telecon: Monday, 23rd November 2015 (notes)

Old trac wiki minutes can be found here.

Active Topics

Info query clarification: Issue #63 -> PR #27

Allocating receive and freeing send: Issue #32 -> PR (none yet)

New built-in datatypes (FP16): Issue #65 & Issue #66 -> PR (none yet)

Completed Topics

Deprecate point-to-point send cancel: Issue #26 -> PR #26

Remove info key propagation during communicator duplication: Issue #52 -> PR #14

Add new MPI_Comm_idup_with_info function: Issue #53 -> PR #14

Allow application behaviour hints (assertions) in Info keys: Issue #11 -> PR #14

Cross-reference to old trac system tickets

Issue #11: Assertions as communicator INFO keys
    Trac ticket 381: bucket for all proposed new INFO keys (good, bad and ugly)
    Trac ticket 461 no wildcards INFO key(s)
    Trac ticket 463 no point-to-point ordering INFO key(s)
    Trac ticket 470 no send/recv cancel INFO key(s)
    Trac ticket 487 no underflow INFO key
    Trac ticket 476 enabling the provision of assertions (rather than just hints) using INFO keys 

Issue #26: Deprecate point-to-point send cancel
    Trac ticket 478 clarify wording of MPI_Cancel for send requests (rejected: moving forward with 479 and 480 instead)
    Trac ticket 479 deprecate MPI_Cancel for send requests (target errata for MPI 3.1)
    Trac ticket 480 remove MPI_Cancel for send requests (target MPI 4.0) 

Issue #32: Allocating receive and freeing send
    Trac ticket 464 new Arecv and Fsend routines

In-active Topics

Streams (has been transferred to the Persistence WG)
407 recv-reduce (retired, at proposer's request) 

Active Topics

Info query:

Issue #63 -> PR #27

Arecv and Fsend:

Issue #32 -> PR (none yet)


Issue #65 -> PR (none yet)

Issue #66 -> PR (none yet)

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