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kR^X: Comprehensive Kernel Protection Against Just-In-Time Code Reuse
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kR^X: Comprehensive Kernel Protection Against Just-In-Time Code Reuse

+--------------------+ [+] kR^X Distribution| +--------------------+

Our kR^X bundle contains the following directories:

[*] `src': This directory contains the code of that implements the
	protection. Within it, it contains the following:

	[*] `configs': This directory contains the config files for the
		Linux kernel v3.19 that we used when 
		implementing/testing kR^X.
	[*] `utils': This directory contains some necessary utilities
		(`as' wrapper and AWK script) used by kR^X.
	[*] `linux-3.19-krx.patch': The Linux kernel (v3.19) patch
		necessary for placing the code on the top of the address
		space and setting up the MPX `bnd0' register (so that
		it can be used when using the MPX protection scheme).

Currently this repo does not contain the GCC plugins that perform the SFI/MPX enforcement and the fine-grained KASLR plugins (randomizations and return address protection schemes). We will add them as soon as possible and update this document with instructions on how to use them.

+-------------+ [+] Using kR^X| +-------------+

To use kR^X you need to follow the instructions below (we assume a Debian/Linux distribution):

[0.1] Download and untar the Linux kernel v3.19
	tar xfz linux-3.19.tar.gz

[0.2] Update the location of the repo (for the rest of this document we assume that the repo was deployed in `/home/marios/krx')
	sed -i.bak 's/REPO_DIR/\/home\/marios\/krx/' /home/marios/krx/src/utils/

[1] Patch the Linux kernel
	cd linux-3.19
	patch -p1 < /home/marios/krx/src/linux-3.19-krx.patch

[2] Setup the `as' wrapper
	sudo mv /usr/bin/as /usr/bin/as.old && sudo ln -s /home/marios/krx/src/utils/ /usr/bin/as

[3] Configure the kernel (in this example we use `config-3.19-amd64.krx.deb' which is similar to the default Debian config file)
	cp /home/marios/krx/src/configs/config-3.19-amd64.krx.deb ./.config
	make oldconfig

[4] Build the kernel
	make -j12
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