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IoT Node

Network enabled device for data exchange using MQTT protocol. This device periodically reads data from DHT22 sensor and publish them to network over MQTT protocol. This is part of my IoT project. You can read more about it on my blog.


Copy sample configuration file to create node config:

$ cd src
$ cp config.h.sample config.h
$ vi config.h

Edit following values config.h configuration file:

  • ETH_ADDR0 ... ETH_ADDR5 - Edit those values to unique MAC address.
  • CONFIG_IP_ADDR0 ... CONFIG_IP_ADDR - Edit those values to assign LAN address.
  • CONFIG_NETMASK0 ... CONFIG_NETMASK3 - Edit those values to assign netmask.
  • MQTT_BROKER_IP_ADDR0 ... MQTT_BROKER_IP_ADDR0 - Edit those values to assign MQTT broker IP address.
  • MQTT_BROKER_PORT - Configure MQTT broker port.
  • MQTT_TOPIC_TEMPERATURE - Configure temperature topic name.
  • MQTT_TOPIC_HUMIDITY - Configure humidity topic name.
  • MQTT_PUBLISH_PERIOD - Data publish period in seconds. DHT22 sensor requires at minimum 2 seconds.
  • MQTT_KEEP_ALIVE - MQTT keep alive interval.
  • MQTT_CLIENT_ID - MQTT client ID.
  • MQTT_NODE_PRESENCE - Set to non-zero to enable node presence messages.
  • MQTT_NODE_PRESENCE_MSG_ONLINE - Presence online message.
  • MQTT_NODE_PRESENCE_MSG_ONLINE - Presence offline message.

Data output

Device sends humidity and temperature measurements on topic MQTT_TOPIC_HUMIDITY and MQTT_TOPIC_TEMPERATURE respectively. When reading from sensors is successful, payload is real positive (humidity, temperature) or negative (temperature only) number.

When reading from sensor fails, payload for each topic is appropriate error code:

  • E_CHECKSUM - Data checksum is incorrect.
  • E_TIMEOUT - Data reading timeouted.
  • E_CONNECT - Sensor connection was failed.
  • E_ACK - Error when expecting ACK signal from DHT-22 sensor.

Node presence

When device connects to the broke, it will send presence message defined in MQTT_NODE_PRESENCE_MSG_ONLINE to topic presence/<device_name> with retain bit. It also defines last will message defined in MQTT_NODE_PRESENCE_MSG_ONLINE to the same topic.


After configuration is done, build IoT node software with command make


To upload software into AVR use command make avrdude


Node has implemented code for DHCP client to dynamically assign IP address. This feature is currently in experimental phase and it is not well tested. Future versions should also include DNS client to obtain IP address of MQTT broker from local DNS server.