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Utility Plugins

MQTT has been incorporated into various runtimes and frameworks via modules or plugins. The projects listed below therefore depend on additional packages and are not necessarily standalone or for general use. As with the list of clients, some may not provide full support for all of the features of the latest MQTT specification – check with the project in question.

  • Ant – an Ant task (using the IA92 Java client)

  • bzr-mqtt – an MQTT commit plugin for Bazaar/bzr servers (uses the Python API from mosquitto)

  • Github – an MQTT service hook for Github (more on the blog)

  • moquette-mqtt – an MQTT plugin for Apache Mina, written in Java

  • MQTT - An OctoPrint plugin to add support for subscribing and publishing to MQTT topics.

  • mule-module-mqtt – a Mule ESB Connector

  • OctoPrint-MQTTPublish - An OctoPrint plugin to add buttons to the navbar to publish messages to an MQTT server.

  • OctoPrint-TasmotaMQTT - An OctoPrint plugin to control Tasmota devices via the MQTT protocol.

  • TDI MQTT – a Tivoli Directory Integrator plugin based on (the deprecated) IA92 SupportPac client

  • Wireshark - a partial MQTT dissector/decoder for Wireshark

  • Wireshark - a full MQTT dissector/decoder for Wireshark

  • zmqtt – an MQTT module for Zotonic, an Erlang framework

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