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Collection of IITC plugins
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Useful IITC plugins

IITC plugin: Aurora Glyph Hack Challenge

Helps you to control hacked portals during Aurora Glyph Hack Challenge. It allows you to manually mark hacked portals. Use the 'highlighter-aurora' plugin to show the hacked portals on the map, and 'sync' to share between multiple browsers or desktop/mobile.

  • Open the raw version of the plugin and install it.
  • Refresh Ingress Intel map.
  • Select the "Aurora" highlighter, all portals will be marked as red.


  • Open the portal information and check the boxes corresponding to the glyph sequences that you successfully hacked.

Portal info

  • Portal color will be changed from red to green depending on the number of sequences.
  • Click on the "Aurora portals" link on the toolbox to see a list of portals from the viewing area or from a polygon drawn using DrawTools. Use checkboxes in the table heading to quickly mark all the portals.

Portals list

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