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A tool to unminify CSS—written in node.js
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CSS Unminifier

A simple utility written in javascript for node.js to unminify CSS. The script is converted from the browser-based css unminifier.

Install the script with npm:

npm install -g cssunminifier

Run this to print out an unminified version of a CSS file named style.min.css:

cssunminifier style.min.css

Additional examples

Save the output to a file:

cssunminifier style.min.css style.css

Change the default tab width from 4 spaces to 8:

cssunminifier -w=8 style.min.css

Save the output to a file, reading from stdin:

cat style.mins.css | cssunminifier - style.css

Read a file from the web:

curl | cssunminifier - | less


You must have node installed to run this script. You can install it with something like homebrew brew install node or manually. Also, here’s a link to Node Package Manager.

The code for this project lives on github.

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