== Ruby EDI X12 Parser

== Usage
When you include this library be sure to set EDI_PATH otherwise
expect failures.
EDI_PATH is where your EDI files are located.
If the demand exist, I might make this dependent on Fog so that
EDIs can sit in a s3 bucket or rackspace storage.

More changes are pending.

== General Information

This is a direct port of Prasad Poruporuthan's X12::Parser Perl
library for Ruby.  Being the very first version, and pretty much
a direct translation, it has more Perlisms than Rubyisms.

There is no real documentation right now, or unit tests.  If you need
to use the library, the best resource is:

It works pretty much the same way right now.

== How you can help
Read the TODO document.  There are some things that this library could use, but
I am not going to implements any time soon:
* to_xml output
* to_yaml output
* anything else that you can think of.
I am not looking to map 100% of any of the X12 specifications.  

Also, I don't have access to the full ANSI X12 documents.

== License

== Credits
This code is pretty much directly translated from Prasad Poruporuthan's X12::Parser Perl
library.  The Perl library project is located at