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Set of executable interceptors to add features to Maven including output colorization, always offline, and a YAML POM.

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1. Copy maven-trap-0.5.jar file to M2_HOME/boot
2. Edit the M2_HOME/bin/mvn script and change the last line from:

exec "$JAVACMD" \
  -cp "${M2_HOME}"/boot/classworlds-*.jar \
  "-Dclassworlds.conf=${M2_HOME}/bin/m2.conf" \
  "-Dmaven.home=${M2_HOME}"  \


exec "$JAVACMD" \
  -cp "${M2_HOME}"/boot/classworlds-1.1.jar:"${M2_HOME}"/boot/maven-trap-0.5.jar \
  "-Dclassworlds.conf=${M2_HOME}/bin/m2.conf" \
  "-Dmaven.home=${M2_HOME}"  \
  org.twdata.maven.trap.Dispatcher $QUOTED_ARGS

3. Switch on whatever features you'd like by setting environment variables
   (unsetting to disable):
   - MAVEN_COLOR : Output colorization
   - MAVEN_ALWAYS_OFFLINE : Changes default to be offline, -o to go online
   - MAVEN_YAMLPOM : Automatic creating and syncing of YAML version of the POM

Now, you can use 'mvn' like normal.  Alternatively, you can make the
changes to a cloned 'mvn2' script to avoid modifying any original files.  Also,
you may want to change 'mvnDebug' as well if you use that frequently.
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