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This repository collects resources for writing clean, idiomatic Rust code. Please bring your own. 😊

Idiomatic coding means following the conventions of a given language. It is the most concise, convenient, and common way of accomplishing a task in that language, rather than forcing it to work in a way the author is familiar with from a different language. - Adapted from Tim Mansfield


  • Rust Anthology - The best short-form writing about Rust, collected.
  • - Idiomatic Rust tips - A list of quick tips to make your code more idiomatic.
  • clippy - A bunch of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code.
  • Patterns - A catalogue of Rust design patterns.
  • Elements of Rust - A collection of software engineering techniques for effectively expressing intent with Rust.
  • Rust by Example - A community driven collection of example code which follow Rust best practices.
  • Rust Cookbook - Examples that demonstrate good practices to accomplish common programming tasks in Rust.
  • rust-api-guidelines - An extensive list of recommendations for idiomatic Rust APIs.

🏋 Workshops

  • Build your own JIRA with Rust - A test-driven workshop to learn Rust building your own JIRA clone!
  • Ferrous Systems Teaching Material - Free workshop material produced by Ferrous Systems for trainings. The time for the full course is around three to four days.
  • PingCAP talent plan - A series of training courses about writing distributed systems in Rust. The courses primarily consist of projects where coding problems are presented, along with a partial implementation or API description, and a test suite.
  • Procedural Macros Workshop - This repo contains a selection of projects designed to learn to write Rust procedural macros — Rust code that generates Rust code.

📖 Articles and Books



  • Await a minute by David Tolnay - Example code for moving from raw futures to async/await syntax to improve error handling, native control flow, and borrowing.
  • Taking string arguments in Rust by @Xion - Discussing how to avoid subtle issues with string handling and when to use str (the string slice) and String (the owned/allocated string).





🎤 Talks


Macros for a More Productive Rust [Video] by @jam1garner - RustConf 2020


Making Rust Delightful [Video] by @nrc - RustCon Asia 2019


Idiomatic Rust - Writing Concise and Elegant Rust Code [Video] [Slides] by @mre - FOSDEM 2018


Idiomatic Rust Libraries [Video] [Slides] by @killercup - Rustfest Kiev
What's so hard about writing a Slack Client in Rust? [Video] [Slides] by @mre - Rust Cologne Meetup

💬 Forum


📜 History

Coming from Python I loved to have some guidelines on how "idiomatic Python" looks like. I was inspired by the likes of Peter Norvig, who wrote amazing articles on spellcheckers and sudoku solvers. And, of course, the Zen of Python.

The goal of this project is to create a peer-reviewed collection of articles/talks/repos which teach idiomatic Rust style. It's a community project. If this becomes a thing I plan to move it to some "semi-official" place like rust-nursery or so. But first I need YOUR help for that ;-)

🔏 License


To the extent possible under law, Matthias Endler has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. Logo adapted from


A peer-reviewed collection of articles/talks/repos which teach concise, idiomatic Rust.




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