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Releases: mrfixit2001/recalbox_rock64

Updated Release of RECALBOX for ROCK64 and ROCKBOX

19 Jul 18:23
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  • Kernel updated to 4.4.185
  • Additional kernel fixes, speed improvements, and enhancements
  • U-Boot Updated to Latest Rockchip BSP Commit + Enhancements (see my uboot repo)
  • Pine64 Remote Control fully supported - you can map the buttons in emulationstation
  • Suspend and Resume fully supported - options added to power menu in KODI and Emulationstation
    **NOTE: Only able to resume using Pine64 remote control at this time
  • ROCK64 Rev 3 Booting from SD Card Fixed
  • AUFS drivers embedded into kernel
  • LOTS of additional mainline back-ports and custom fixes
  • Improved Networking Performance
  • Additional drivers included in kernel, including (but not limited to):
    - LOTS of networking stuff, such as VLAN and IPv6
    - Requirements for DOCKER containers
    - RAID support

BETA-V3 Updated Release of RECALBOX for the ROCK64 AND ROCKBOX

31 Jan 21:41
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2/1/2019 - Minor Update:
Rock64 v3.1 - DMC enabled in the kernel - another performance increase!
Rock64 v3.0 - no DMC enabled in the kernel

Improvements and Changes Since the Last Release:
Kernel Updates:

  • Updated to version 4.4.171
  • Various custom kernel fixes, mainline backports, stability and other enhancements
  • 4K Playback @ 60fps is now smooth and Audio/Video are synced
  • Default Over-Clock Removed (if you have a heatsink, you really should enable this in the recalbox menu!)
  • RTL8812EU USB Wifi adapter working (Buy it in the PINE64 Store)

Emulator and Recalbox Updates:

  • Updated version of Recalbox
  • Updated versions of many emulators and cores
  • Customized default emulator configs to optimize performance
  • Buggy button re-mapping issue is resolved
  • Reicast runs at 100% speeds in most games
  • PPSSPP now capable of performing at 100% speed for most games
  • Customizable "max fps" setting in PPSSPP to fine tune your experience - set to 30fps to support playing demanding games (GOW) nice and smooth!
  • PSP video scenes now play perfectly
  • Custom fix for widescreen stretching (READ BELOW)
  • VirtualJaguar is now fixed and playable
  • NEOGEO Core Fixed
  • Reicast Configuration Can be Edited Now
  • Bluetooth Controllers Reconnect After Reboot
  • On-Screen-Keyboard issue Resolved
  • Custom patches to ES and Emulators to improve overall stability
  • Rock64 release includes compatible scripts to work with Kintaro SNES Case (not required)

BETA-V2 Updated Release of RECALBOX for the ROCK64 and ROCKBOX

07 Aug 02:00
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  • The RockBox is a very attractive media center box available from Pine64 with very similar specs and performance to the Rock64
  • It has built-in WiFi and runs Recalbox extremely well via the SD Card

UPDATED 8/6/2018 - Beta V2 Update Release

  • Updated KODI Leia Commit
  • Retroarch Emulators Maximum Resolution set to 720p - runs much faster and the difference visibly in higher resolutions is hardly noticeable
  • Back-end updates to increase compatibility with core-recalbox software
  • Default config for PPSSPP to enable a small frameskip - often achieves up to 80% of original game speeds - much more playable (but not perfect)
  • Increased EmulationStation stability - fewer unexpected restarts!

BETA release of RECALBOX for the ROCK64 board

04 Aug 00:38
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After many efforts with much teamwork, collaboration, and testing, we are very excited to provide the BETA release of RECALBOX for the ROCK64 board!

Improvements since Alpha:

  • Most Bluetooth and Wifi adapters will now work, including these which are 2-in-1 so that you only need to use one USB port to add both Wifi AND BT:
  • Boot from all storage mediums (SD, eMMC and USB) is now supported
  • Overclocking options from the ES menu (NOTE: we highly suggest active cooling if you don’t use default)
  • Updated versions of retroarch and most emulators + cores
  • All emulators working - including PSP, Dreamcast, and Amstrad
  • Additional Emulators Included:
    o    virtualjaguar
    o    uae
    o    theodore
    o    pocketsnes
    o    melonds
    o    desmume
    o    beetle-psx
    o    4do
    o    hypseus
    o    vice
  • Included Wolfenstein 3D (shareware version) in DosBox
  • LED blinking with disk activity
  • KODI 4K 60FPS with kwiboo’s HDR enhancement
  • HD Audio with Selectable Output from ES Menu (HDMI, headphone jack, SPIDF)
  • CEC working in KODI
  • IR working in KODI – supports multiple remotes out of the box, including the Pine64 / Rockbox remote
  • Newest Recalbox Version - with Built-In Netplay Features!
  • Clean boot without messages
  • Many additional controllers / gamepads are now supported 
  • Custom kernel (previously borrowed from LE)
  • Full range HDMI
  • Added some default shader presets and default cores
  • Updated Library Versions with Buildroot 2018.2-3
  • Custom patches to ES and Emulators to improve overall stability

Some important notes:

  • When the image first boots, you can expect a delay as the partition is expanded to the full size of your disk. Please be patient and let this complete. It will not happen on every boot.
  • N64 has multiple cores, different ROMS work better with different cores! For example, Mario Kart and Perfect Dark both perform very well using the N64 core (which is “GLES2N64”).
  • PSP and NDS will run slowly overall, this is not a bug, they are just very demanding of the hardware. Some games will be playable however, and PSP mini ROMs run quite well.
  • Some emulators / cores are highly dependent on a valid BIOS files being installed (Dreamcast, for example). Be sure to read the documents in the system’s ROM folder for details on what BIOS files are needed. Further documentation is available on the Recalbox wiki.
  • A single ROM not working is not considered a “bug”, it’s often an incompatibility with the ROM and the emulator or core. We have provided multiple cores for some emulators to try and help maximize the number of ROMS that work.
  • If you are suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into KODI, then that means EmulationStation may have crashed. Please provide your /recalbox/es.log file so we can review.
  • We highly recommend that you install a heatsink on the board when you select a non-default overclock! 

Recalbox for Rock64 - Alpha Release

30 Apr 00:27
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Please do keep in mind that this is an ALPHA release, which means you should EXPECT some things not to work. We have done a fair amount of testing on our own to try and resolve as many issues as we can before this release, but now you get to help! (Lucky you!) So if/when you do find things that don't work right, please use the link in github to report the issue.

When reporting issues:

  • Provide logs or screenshots of the issue so that we can see the error(s) you are seeing
  • Provide detailed steps for us to follow in order to reproduce the issue

A few things you can expect not to work or be included (yet):

  • Amstrad (Caprice) Emulator
  • Dreamcast (Reicast) Emulator
  • SPI booting from USB