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Remarkable Puzzles

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection for the reMarkable tablet.


Builds are done in docker by default.

# Build the docker toolchain
make docker_build

# Debug build
make debug

# Release build
make release

Help files

Help files are based on the those from the original puzzle collection, found in vendor/puzzles/html/. For expediency and simplicity, the help dialog only shows plain text, so these must be converted and edited. Fortunately these help files only use a simple subset of html, so most of this can be automated:

# Generate text-only help files in help/

Most help files should be hand-edited since the controls are a little different (e.g. there is no middle click, and right click is simulated by a long press).


In the spirit of the original puzzle collection, icons are generated from in-progress games. The canonical save files for these icons can be found in vendor/puzzles/icons/. There is a separate puzzle-icons build that is used to generate all icons at once, based on these save files.



Assuming remarkable as an alias in ~/.ssh/config, as per

host remarkable
  User root

Stop xochitl

ssh remarkable -t systemctl stop xochitl

Make /opt/etc/puzzles directory structure

ssh remarkable -t mkdir -p /opt/etc/puzzles/save
scp -r config/ remarkable:/opt/etc/puzzles/
scp -r help/ remarkable:/opt/etc/puzzles/
scp -r icons/ remarkable:/opt/etc/puzzles/

Copy the executable and run it

scp build/debug/puzzles remarkable:/opt/bin/
ssh -t remarkable /opt/bin/rm2fb-client /opt/bin/puzzles

Restart xochitl

ssh remarkable -t systemctl start xochitl