Collection of links around paid/sustainable open source development

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Collection of links around paid/sustainable open source development


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Table of Contents


Donation sites

Open Source Grants

Payment Platforms

Profit-sharing Platforms

Open Source Software Foundations

Example Projects

A collection of paid open source projects to use as a reference for your own efforts.

These projects are dual-licensed. They require a paid license for commercial or closed-source use, but offer a free license for non-commercial or open-source use.

Sponsored Projects

These projects are/were sponsored by organizations or donation-based backers.

Relevant Licenses

A collection of licenses that may be particularly useful for paid open source projects.

  • Business Source License (BSL) is a customizable commercial license with language that defines free vs. commercial use (copy-left), with the ability to switch to a free open source license of your choice after a few years.


FAQ and Key Terms

Dual licensing

Quote from "Open Hardware Business Models"

The first license is a GPL-like license, which is free but forces users to disclose the source code of any modified version of the original design. The second is a commercial license, which has a fee but allows buyers to conceal the source code of any modified version.

Source software foundations



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