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Pythonic abstractions for data pipelines
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datapypes - Pythonic abstractions for data pipelines

datapypes provides the building blocks to enable the following:

# Retrieve news from GoogleNews, store in MongoDB
# Create a post, send to Twitter & Tumblr
Post(text='I did something interesting').save(
  Twitter(username='tweet_user', password='tweet_pass'),
  Tumblr(username='tumblr_user', password='tumblr_pass'))
# Get SoundCloud, YouTube links for a track, post to Twitter, save to MongoDB
Track(artist="Meshuggah", title="New Millenium Cyanide Christ").get(
  SoundCloud(), Youtube()).save(
    Twitter(username='tweet_user', password='tweet_pass'),

See for implementation details.


Build your pipeline by subclassing these classes:

  • Attribute - A typed model attribute, i.e. title, author, date
  • Model - A data model, i.e. Article, Video
  • Set - A set of data models, i.e. News, Videos
  • Source - A data source, i.e. Google News, Twitter
  • Store - A data source & store, i.e. MongoDB, Twitter
  • SourcePype - Defines integration logic for Set & Source
  • StorePype - Defines integration logic for Set & Store


A Source defines these action methods:

  • one() - Returns a single data point
  • latest() - Returns a list of the most recent data
  • search() - Returns a list of data matching a query
  • stream() - Builds a list of data from a stream
  • all() - Returns a list of all available source data

A Store defines these action methods:

  • save() - Creates or updates data in a Store
  • update() - Updates data in a Store
  • delete() - Deletes data in a Store

Pype methods

A SourcePype defines these methods:

  • one() - Loads raw source data into a Model
  • latest() - Loads recent source data into a Set
  • search() - Loads found source data into a Set
  • stream() - Loads raw stream data into a Set
  • all() - Loads all source data into a Set

A StorePype defines these methods:

  • save_model() - Saves a single Model to a Store
  • save_set() - Saves an entire Set to a Store
  • update_model() - Updates a single Model in a Store
  • update_set() - Updates entire Set in a Store
  • delete_model() - Deletes a single Model from a Store
  • delete_set() - Deletes an entire Set from a Store


Mike Smathers <mikesmathers at gmail dot com>


All code is released under the MIT license. Please read the LICENSE.txt file for more details.

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