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Logo-2K+:A Large-Scale Logo Dataset for Scalable Logo Classification

Logo-2k+ Dataset


Logo-2k+ Dataset Description

In this work, we construct a large scale logo dataset, Logo-2K+, which covers a diverse range of logo classes from real-world logo images. Our resulting logo dataset contains 167,140 images with 10 root categories and 2,341 categories.
The statistic comparison of 10 root categories from Logo-2K+ is shown as follows.

Root Category Logos Images
Food 769 54,507
Clothes 286 20,413
Institution 238 17,103
Accessories 210 14,569
Transportation 203 14,719
Electronic 191 13,972
Necessities 182 13,205
Cosmetic 115 7,929
Leisure 99 7,338
Medical 48 3,385
Total 2,341 167,140

Logo-2k+ Dataset download

Logo-2k+ Dataset website:
Baidu drive download line:
Google drive download line:

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