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Version 2 of MunkiWebAdmin
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This is version 2 of MunkiWebAdmin, a web-based administration tool for Munki.

All reporting (formerly part of MunkiWebAdmin) has been removed from MunkiWebAdmin2 — consider using Sal or MunkiReport-PHP for reporting. Both are excellent.

MunkiWebAdmin2 focuses on web-based editing of manifests and pkginfo files.

This is in-development code. Use it with a production Munki repo with care -- make sure you have functioning backups!

Getting started

On OS X (10.7+):

  • You'll need git installed; either via Xcode, the command-line developer tools, or a standalone install of git.

  • Download and expand this zip:

  • Via the command-line, run the script within the expanded zip: /Users/me/Downloads/mwa2_demo/

  • Follow the script prompts. Of note, at one place you'll be advised to edit a settings file. Specifically, you'll edit mwa2/munkiwebadmin/ Near the end of this file is this:

# MUNKI_REPO_DIR holds the local filesystem path to the Munki repo
MUNKI_REPO_DIR = '/Users/Shared/munki_repo'
  • Edit MUNKI_REPO_DIR to point to a Munki repo to use with MWA2. This repo should be writable by the user running MWA2. Please do initial testing on a non-production repo. Since MWA2 can make changes to your repo, if you do decide to use it with a production repo -- make sure you have functioning backups!

  • After editing, run again to continue the setup process.

  • Once all the setup tasks are complete, a development server will be launched, and MWA2 should be available at http://localhost:8080 script details

  • git clones from GitHub into the script directory. (if needed)
  • Copies to and asks you to edit it. (if needed)
  • Creates the needed sqlite3 database. (if needed)
  • Prompts you to create the initial superuser. (if needed)
  • Uses the included CherryPy dev server to serve MWA2.


See for some notes on installing and configuring MWA2 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.


A Docker file for running MWA2 under Docker is available here:
This is maintained by a third-party; please direct support questions about the Docker file to the maintainers of that project.


MunkiWebAdmin2 makes use of the following open source components:

Additionally, the demo files make use of:

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