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The new reality blockchain project.


  1. metaverse-vm metaverse-vm Public

    Metaverse Hyperspace Chain, Hybrid PoW/PoS consensus full node with EVM compatible VM and smart tokens(FT/NFT).

    Rust 31 27

  2. metaverse metaverse Public

    The Metaverse individual chain service ETP coin and immutable data space for Hyperspace.

    C++ 305 122

  3. metaverse-vm-explorer-frontend metaverse-vm-explorer-frontend Public

    Frontend for the MetaverseVM Blockchain Explorer

    TypeScript 4 8

  4. lightwallet lightwallet Public

    Metaverse blockchain wallet

    TypeScript 57 43

  5. metaverse-vm-cli metaverse-vm-cli Public

    Go 1 7

  6. metaverse-vm-extension metaverse-vm-extension Public

    Browser extension for the Metaverse virtual machine

    JavaScript 2 5


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