Minimal self-hosting system for Docker using musl libc and BusyBox
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Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell Update to musl 1.1.5
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Docker musl base

This is a minimal self-hosting system for Docker containers, based on musl libc and BusyBox. It contains just enough to compile software, including itself.


Run the bootstrap script in the top-level directory of your working copy as follows:

./ username

Where username is the username you wish to use for your Docker image tags. This will often be your username on

This process produces the following images:

* username/muslbase: full self-hosting system (musl, BusyBox, and toolchain)
* username/muslbase-runtime: runtime-only system (no toolchain)
* username/muslbase-static-runtime: runtime-only system for statically linked programs (no toolchain or shared libraries)