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Weather Without Icons. You thought I meant World War I? :^)
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Weather Without Icons

But Mykle, why another weather module?

I enjoy doing this. I'm not trying to compete with the real geniuses here. They are truly amazing and worthy of praise. I'm just having fun. I'm still surprised that I can make any module work. That's mostly due to the patience and generosity of my friend at the forum. He is one of those genius types that I am talking about. :^)

Why would you use this module?

  • It uses the minimum amount of screen real estate yet it gives you full weather conditions and forecast.
  • You hate icons.
  • I begged you. :^)

The information

  • Current conditions, temperature and time
  • Conditions for the next hour
  • A summary for the next 7 days
  • Pictures of lightning events (1-13) if you want them
  • Heat index/Wind chill temperature at this moment
  • Nearest storm/weather event at this moment
  • Bearing of the nearest storm/weather event at this moment
  • Wind speed for your location at this moment
  • Wind gusts speed for your location at this moment
  • Wind bearing at this moment
  • Visibility (in miles) at this moment
  • Cloud cover at this moment
  • Barometer reading at this moment (in millibars)
  • Humidity at this moment
  • DewPoint reading at this moment
  • UV Index reading at this moment


  • One with picture (#4) and one without picture


Annotated .css file included for aligning and coloring text and header.

Installation and requirements

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  • Free API key at using just your email.

  • No dependencies needed! No kidding!

Config.js entry and options

	disabled: false,
	module: "MMM-WWI",
	position: "top_left",
	config: {
		apiKey: "YOUR API KEY GOES HERE", // Free API key @
		lat: "YOUR LATITUDE GOES HERE",   // Your latitude goes here
		lng: "YOUR LONGITUDE GOES HERE",  // Your longitude goes here
		tempUnits: "C",		              // C or F 
		pix: "4",                         // 1-13 Comment out display: none in css file
		useHeader: false,                 // true if you want a header                 
		header: "Weather Without Icons",
		maxWidth: "300px",

If you want icons

	var messageToYou = document.createElement("div");
	messageToYou.classList.add("U.R.xsmall", "notTooBright", "uglyToo");
if (you.want.icons && {
	messageToYou.innerHTML = "Install MMM-NOAA instead";

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