Steganographic utility for NodeJS. Embed and conceal text within JPEG images. Wrapper for outguess.
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Steganography made simple for Node.JS

##About# Stegger is a steganographic utility for Node.JS, to conceal encrypted text within JPEG images (yes, JPEG!). It wraps around the UNIX utility, outguess.

I couldn't find a working existing module on npm, so I made my own. =

##About Steganography# Stegaography is the art of concealing data within ordinary looking objects, such that the original file does not appear to be tampered with. See for more information.

##Example## Before:




Encrypted message: 'hello world (안녕하세요! 잘지네세요?)'


  1. Install outguess with your relevant package manager. This can be done in Ubuntu via:

    sudo apt-get install outguess

  2. Install from npm:

    npm install stegger

  3. You're all set! Load a picture, and get swagging!


Check out the examples directory. The example provided, tests the encrypt() and decrypt() function sequentially. This is done via asynchronous sequences.

Easy to use - just call either encrypt() or decrypt(). Pass in the relevant argument object. Listen for the promise callback.


None at the moment. Post any via the bug tracker.

##Security## How secure is it? Well, pretty secure.

  1. Text is encrypted with AES-256 cipher and salted.
  2. Text is concealed within least-probable detected areas and salted with a second salt.
  3. Image would have to be earmarked as having embedded information (hard), before being cracked.


Joel Haowen TONG (me [at] joeltong [dot] org)