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The TLD proliferation makes it difficult to check whether domain names are valid. This project uses the rules of, a list of known public domain suffixes (TLD) to validate and split domains into three the parts (TLD, domain, subdomain). The validation rules are loaded directly from

A domain name has 3 major parts:

Example TLD Domain Subdomain com google blog org wikipedia www ru yandex mail amazon www


The package is available on nuget

PM> install-package Nager.PublicSuffix

Online test tool

You can try the logic right here publicsuffix test tool


  • High performance
  • FileTldRuleProvider or WebTldRuleProvider
  • CacheProvider
  • Async support


Loading data from web (

Without any config the WebTldRuleProvider have a default cache live time of 1 day then you must refresh the cache with execute BuildAsync;

var domainParser = new DomainParser(new WebTldRuleProvider());

var domainName = domainParser.Get("");
//domainName.Domain = "test";
//domainName.Hostname = "";
//domainName.RegistrableDomain = "";
//domainName.SubDomain = "sub";
//domainName.TLD = "";

Loading data from web change cache config

//cache data for 10 hours
var cacheProvider = new FileCacheProvider(cacheTimeToLive: new TimeSpan(10, 0, 0));
var webTldRuleProvider = new WebTldRuleProvider(cacheProvider: cacheProvider);

var domainParser = new DomainParser(webTldRuleProvider);
for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++)
    var isValid = webTldRuleProvider.CacheProvider.IsCacheValid();
    if (!isValid)
        webTldRuleProvider.BuildAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult(); //Reload data
    var domainInfo = domainParser.Get($"sub{i}");

Loading data from file

var domainParser = new DomainParser(new FileTldRuleProvider("effective_tld_names.dat"));

var domainName = domainParser.Get("");
//domainName.Domain = "test";
//domainName.Hostname = "";
//domainName.RegistrableDomain = "";
//domainName.SubDomain = "sub";
//domainName.TLD = "";
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