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NanoFury Project

The NanoFury Project is a hardware and software design for a Bitcoin ASIC Miner using bitfury chips.

Project discussion forum is at

WARNING: This project is work in progress. There may be errors, mistakes, incomplete portions at this time. Please be careful before you use these project files to order circuit boards and double-check all files.

See LICENSE and COPYING files for terms and warranty disclaimer.

See RELEASE NOTES for known problems, and issues.

Project Summary

This is an open source effort to design and build a Bitcoin mining board based on the BitFury ASIC.

Initially the goal is to get a simple USB-to-BitFury interface. The final goal is this design to be used as a base for a board with multiple BitFury ASIC chips as by design they are very easy to chain. The only limitation would come from the speed of the SPI bus which is estimated at this time to be sufficient for up to 32 chips per chain.

Project Status

This project is under active development. A more up-to date status is available on the project wiki pages.

Hardware Development

Hardware design for the NanoFury NF1 board (which utilizes one BitFury chip) is relatively stable. Version 0.6 of the PCB was used for a small production series. More details, pictures and test results are available on the BitcoinTalk forums at this thread. Version 0.7 is currently the one being mass-produced (mostly addressing shortages of some components and providing options for alternative packaging). See the release notes for details.

Software Development

A new cgminer-nanofury repo will be created for development with only changed files echoed here in the cgminer directory.

There is also support in bfgminer (see nanofury branch) which also provides the necessary software support for the NanoFury NF1 design.

See also the sample NanoFury Init test application. This application can exercise individual NanoFury devices and can also fix the "Product String" which is a required change so that bfgminer can recognize all devices automatically (as opposed to having to individually supply the serial numbers).


See this project's Wiki pages.


This project would not have been possible and would not have been where it currently is without the contributions of the following individuals:


If you found this project helpful and wanted to donate some bitcoins please send them to 1AHvViTD5wohPywNYHi8NZ8uPhbY9dZXCY. All donations are much appreciated! :)

If you end up using the NanoFury designs for manufacturing of any boards for sale/resale we'd like to ask you consider adding a few bucks "design donation" to the first few hundred boards (or as much or many as you feel appropriate) to help recoup the several thousand dollars that went into the development of this project.


NanoFury Project




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