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Nano JSX Logo

SSR first, lightweight 1kB JSX library.

Written in TypeScript.
Works on Node and Deno.
Designed to build ultra fast MPAs and SPAs.

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Getting Started

Video Tutorial


The best about Nano JSX is the small bundle size. It builds, although is sound crazy, bundles as small as svelte!

More Features

  • SSR
    Out of the box, very simple to use

  • Pre-Rendering
    Renders your app to static html if you want.
    (This is possible, but requires some knowledge.
    I plan to make a tutorial soon.)

  • Partial Hydration
    Hydrate and only the parts you really need

  • Isomorphic Router
    Works on Client- and Server-Side

  • CSS in JS
    Use JavaScript objects for styling

  • No JSX build tools required
    Uses Tagged Templates instead of JSX if you prefer

  • Props, Ref, Context and Events
    Use Props, Ref, Context API and Events as you are used to in react

  • Inline SVG
    No problem

  • Prefetch
    Use the built-in Link Component

  • 1KB (gzip)
    All of this in only ~1KB
    (Well, the core module is only about ~1KB)

  • CustomElements mode
    You can define your component written with Nano JSX as web-components with defineAsCustomElements. This enables you to develop very light web components. (thanks @Shinyaigeek)


Checkout the website to find out more!

Development Section

Run browser tests (visually)

# install dependencies
npm install

# create instrumented bundle
npx webpack -c webpack/webpack.bundle.instrumented.js

# transpile browserTest library
npx tsc -p scripts/browserTest/tsconfig.json

# open browser to run the tests
npx five-server . --open=test/browser