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The Core Flight System (cFS) Platform Support Package (PSP)
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Core Flight System : Framework : Platform Support Package

This repository contains NASA's Platform Support Package (PSP), which is a framework component of the Core Flight System.

This is a collection of APIs abstracting platform specific functionality to be located in the psp subdirectory of a cFS Mission Tree. The Core Flight System is bundled at, which includes build and execution instructions.

Version Notes

The open source release does not include all PSPs that have been developed. Only the three PSPs included are managed by the community CCB. PSPs developed by other organizations can be requested through the mechanisms listed below. Note the framework PSPs delivered may change in the future as platforms become obsolete.

Known issues

See all open issues and closed to milestones later than this version.

Getting Help

For best results, submit issues:questions or issues:help wanted requests at

Official cFS page:

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