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  1. openlimits openlimits Public

    A Rust high performance cryptocurrency trading API with support for multiple exchanges and language wrappers.

    Rust 269 41

  2. neo-ico-template neo-ico-template Public

    An ICO Template for NEO projects

    Python 118 62

  3. jocko jocko Public archive

    Kafka implemented in Golang with built-in coordination (No ZooKeeper, single binary install, Cloud Native)

    Go 103 7

  4. nex-extension-alpha nex-extension-alpha Public archive

    WARNING: This repository is not current Nash extension, this was a alpha version (v0.1.0) available for security audit and developers. For issues regarding current versions of the extension please …

    JavaScript 18 13

  5. api-client-typescript api-client-typescript Public

    Official TypeScript client for interacting with the Nash Exchange.

    TypeScript 14 3

  6. locale locale Public

    Nash platform language package

    TypeScript 9 63


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