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Cruisin Co

Welcome, we are glad you are here.

We have put this code and files here to share it with the world.

Check the Cruisin Co website here

This repository contains files for the Cruisin Brain, Cruisin OLED and the website (above).

The Cruisin Brain is a custom, drive by wire computer system for electric cars. The Cruisin Brain has been in development and use since 2017, so its safety and reliability have been well tested.

The Cruisin Brain currently works on the STM32duino Black Pill

I have not published any documents on how to turn a STM32duino Black Pill loaded with the Cruisin Brain code, into a fully featured Cruisin Brain.

The Cruisin OLED is the code that allows the Cruisin Brain to communicate with an OLED screen and bring vital information to the driver.

The Cruisin OLED software is currently not available because I lost it. I am currently looking for it in my plethora of storage systems. I will upload it here as soon as I find it.


Electric Vehicle Brain. Drive by wire software for your electric vehicle. Written on Arduino for STM32duino.



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