a small Rails application demonstrating nested forms with cocoon and simple_form
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cocoon is a Rails3 gem to allow easier handling of nested forms.

This is a small demo that shows cocoon in action together with slim and simple_form.

Cocoon itself is formbuilder-agnostic, so it works with standard Rails form-builder, Formtastic or simple_form.


Formtastic is easier to start with, because it has a default css.

In this project I aimed to show that 1) simple_form works, and 2) its customisability, which allows it to be used perfectly together with twitter-bootstrap. While the layout is far from ideal, it is merely intended as a show-case, and the main purpose was to show that it is functioning.

Demonstrated relations

In this project my main intention was to demonstrate how one could solve nested forms, using cocoon for different types of relations. The demonstrated relations in this project are:

  • a project :has_many tasks
  • a task :has_many sub-tasks (double nested relation)
  • a project has an owner (:belongs_to). Where the owner is either selected from a list, or created.
  • a project :has_many tags :through project-tags. Either you select an existing tag, or create and link to a new one. When unlinking from a tag, the tag is not deleted, only the link.


Copyright (c) 2011 Nathan Van der Auwera. See LICENSE for details.