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Various xcode build, localization and iPhone-related scripts
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Various xcode build, localization and iPhone-related scripts. All of these scripts can easily be imported to fit in a bigger project. Please take a look at the source code for further information. These scripts are compatible with python 2.5 and 2.6, but mainly tested with python 2.6. Mac OS X is obviously the platform of choice for these tools, although the code should be portable.

This script parses an XCode project and gives access to all of its targets and build settings. If you run it, it will display the contents of the project file:

$ python App.xcodeproj

The script needs the plutil command-line tool to run.

This script parses a mobile provision and gives access to its name, devices UDIDs, application identifier and so forth. If you run it, it will display the contents of the mobile provision file:

$ python app.mobileprovision

This script updates a given strings file with the new strings found in your project's source code. You can also import an already-translated strings file that will update your current strings file. To run it:

$ python Localizable.strings

The script needs the genstrings command-line tool to run.

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