Plots GPX data on a Google Map
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This script reads GPX data (for example, from your GPS) and plots it on a Google map.


gpxgoogle [options] track.gpx [track.gpx ...]

The script reads configuration information from ~/.gpxgoogle and then reads one or more track files and builds a Google maps plot of those tracks.


  • -h Suppress the HTML wrapper, just output the mapdata
  • -m Specify the Google maps magnification, defaults to $MAGDEFAULT
  • -l Specify the library URL for the map functions, irrelevant if -h is used
  • -s Show track points


There's an example on the project HTML page.

.gpxgoogle config file

The .gpxgoogle config file is a simple XML file:

  <title>Google Maps GPS Track</title>

The title, width, and height are only used if an HTML page is generated. They specify the title of the page and the dimensions of the map, respectively.

The data generated includes the distance between points in the units specified.

The colinear-threshold determines how nearly colinear three points have to be in order to drop the middle one. Smaller values produce more accurate tracks at the expense of more points (larger, slower maps).