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XML Calabash (1.1.x)

This project contains the "1.1" version of XML Calabash.

Build Status

XML Calabash depends on Saxon and the sources vary a bit depending on the version of Saxon that you want to use.

  • The saxon96 branch contains the sources for the Saxon 9.6 version of XML Calabash. This is also the default branch as of 9 March 2015.
  • The saxon95 branch contains the sources for the Saxon 9.5 version of XML Calabash.
  • The saxon94 branch contains the sources for the Saxon 9.4 version of XML Calabash. I'm no longer attempting to maintain the Saxon 9.4 version.
  • Saxon 9.3 is no longer supported. This is the "master" branch for historical reasons.
  • The docs branch is moribund, see the docs repo instead.

You can download compiled versions from the releases page.


As of version 1.1.0, XML Calabash is distributed in modules. This repository contains the core processor. The jar files from additional repositories are needed for some functionality:

Module Functionality
deltaxml XML comparison with Delta XML
ditaa ASCII diagrams with ditaa
mathml-to-svg MathML to SVG conversion with JEuclid
metadata-extractor Image Metadata Extractor
plantuml ASCII diagrams with PlantUML
print Printing with XSL FO or CSS
rdf Read/write/query RDF
sendmail Sending email
xcc MarkLogic XCC steps
xmlunit XML comparison with XMLUnit

Simply place the appropriate jar files in your classpath, there's no additional configuration required. Note that you will also need commercial libraries and licenses for some steps.

These steps (and XML Calabash itself) are also available through Maven.

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