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Neard is a portable WAMP software stack involving useful binaries, tools and applications for your web development.

It also offers several versions of the various modules for download on the official website and many other features.

For those who wish to contribute, have an issue or questions, read the Documentation.


  • Adminer: a full-featured database management tool written in PHP.
  • Apache: the world's most used web server software.
  • Composer: a dependency manager for PHP.
  • ConsoleZ: modified version of Console 2 for a better experience.
  • Filezilla: a FTP server application.
  • Ghostscript: an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF.
  • Git: a widely used version control system for software development.
  • GitList: an elegant and modern git repository viewer.
  • MailHog: a Web and API based SMTP testing.
  • MariaDB: a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system.
  • MongoDB: a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program.
  • Memcached: a distributed memory object caching system.
  • MySQL: an open-source relational database management system.
  • ngrok: secure tunnels to localhost.
  • Node.js: an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side web applications.
  • Perl: a family of high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming languages.
  • PHP: a server-side scripting language designed for web development including PEAR and extra extensions.
  • phpMemAdmin: to handle the administration of Memcached over the web.
  • phpMyAdmin: to handle the administration of MySQL and MariaDB over the Web.
  • phpPgAdmin: a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL: an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).
  • Python: a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.
  • Ruby: a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.
  • SVN: a software versioning and revision control system.
  • Webgrind: the Xdebug Profiling Web Frontend in PHP.
  • WebSVN: an Online subversion repository browser.
  • XDebugClient: a simple frontend for XDebug.
  • Yarn: a fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.



Want to contribute? Awesome! The most basic way to show your support is to star the project, or to raise issues. If you want to open a pull request, please read the contributing guidelines.

You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub or by making a Paypal donation to ensure this journey continues indefinitely!

Thanks again for your support, it is much appreciated! 🙏


LGPL-3.0. See LICENSE for more details.
Icon credit to David Vignoni.