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  • tested only on MagicMirror v2.0.0

Download and Installation

To use this module, clone this repository to your modules folder of your MagicMirror: git clone

Goto MMM-bergfex module directory and run npm install cheerio and npm install


The module needs the default configuration block in your config.js to work.

	module: 'MMM-bergfex',
	position: 'top_right', 
	classes: 'small dimmed', 
	config: {
		updateInterval: 30*60*1000,
		animationSpeed: 0,
		header: ' Snow Report',
		skiareas: [
		shortenArea: 20,
		cssclassrow: 'normal',
		cssclassheader: 'bright'				

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description Values Default
updateInterval The update interval. Determines the refresh rate in ms at which sensor is read.
Example: updateInterval: 10000
int 30*60*1000ms = 30min
animationSpeed Speed of animation when updates occur.
Example: animationSpeed: 0
int 0
header The name that should be displayed at the top of the module
Example: header: ''
String ''
skiareas This is an array with strings of the skiareas to display. String must exactly match the name on
array of strings ''
shortenArea number of characters skiarea names will be shortened to.
Example: shortenArea: 20
int 20
cssclassheader CSS class for the table header (bright, normal, etc).
Example: cssclassheader: normal
String 'normal'
cssclassrow CSS class for the table rows (normal, light, etc).
Example: cssclassrow: light
String 'light'
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