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AAMO: Another Android Malware Obfuscator
Python Smali Shell
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AAMO: Another Android Malware Obfuscator

We release our set of code-obfuscation scripts tailored for Android applications. We assume that the original application can be disassembled into Smali.


$ mkdir dir_with_apks_to_obfuscate/     # fill the dir with some APKs
$ vim obfuscators/

Set the obfuscator_to_apply variable to define the list of obfuscators you want to apply. For example:

obfuscator_to_apply = [

You can choose a subset of obfuscators (recommended).

$ python obfuscators/

Enjoy your obfuscated APKs.

Obfuscation Operators

We currently support:

  • Android specific

    • Repackaging
    • Reassembly
    • Re-alignment
  • Simple control-flow modifications

    • Junk code insertion
    • Debug symbols stripping
    • Defunct code insertion
    • Unconditional jump insertion
  • Advanced control-flow modifications

    • Call indirection
    • Code reordering
    • Reflection
    • Opaque predicate insertion
  • Renaming

    • Non-code files and resource renaming
    • Fields and methods renaming
    • Package renaming
  • Encryption

    • Resource encryption (asset files)
    • Native code encryption
    • Data encryption (strings)


There might be plenty of bugs. Feel free to fork and send us pull requests!



AAMO is supported by the FACE research project, under the FIRB 2013 funding program of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (grant agreement N. RBFR13AJFT).

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