Securing Restful Web Services with Spring Security and OAuth2
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Securing Restful Web Services with Spring Security and OAuth2

The flow of application will go something like this:

  1. User sends a GET request to server with five parameters: grant_type, username, password, client_id, client_secret; something like this


  1. Server validates the user with help of spring security, and if the user is authenticated, OAuth generates a access token and send sends back to user in following format.
    "access_token": "22cb0d50-5bb9-463d-8c4a-8ddd680f553f",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "refresh_token": "7ac7940a-d29d-4a4c-9a47-25a2167c8c49",
    "expires_in": 119

Here we got access_token for further communication with server or to get some protected resourses(API’s), it mentioned a expires_in time that indicates the validation time of the token and a refresh_token that is being used to get a new token when token is expired.

3) We access protected resources by passing this access token as a parameter, the request goes something like this:

Here http://localhost:8080/SpringRestSecurityOauth is the server path, and /api/users/ Is an API URL that returns a list of users and is being protected to be accessed.

4) If the token is not expired and is a valid token, the requested resources will be returned.

5) In case the token is expired, user needs to get a new token using its refreshing token that was accepted in step(2). A new access token request after expiration looks something like this:

And you will get a new access token along with a new refresh token.