A simple PHP WebSocket implementation for PHP 5.3
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PHP WebSocket

A websocket server implemented in php.

  • Supports websocket draft hybi-10,13 (Currently tested with Chrome 18 and Firefox 11).
  • Supports origin-check.
  • Supports various security/performance settings.
  • Supports binary frames. (Currently receive only)
  • Supports wss. (Needs valid certificate in Firefox.)
  • Application module, the server can be extended by custom behaviors.


  • Add support for fragmented frames.

Server example

This creates a server on localhost:8000 with one Application that listens on ws://localhost:8000/demo:

$server = new \WebSocket\Server('', 8000, false); // host,port,ssl

// server settings:	

$server->registerApplication('demo', \WebSocket\Application\DemoApplication::getInstance());

Libraries used


  • Check out http://jitt.li for a sample-project using this websocket server.