Jekyll i18n filter is an option for localization in your Jekyll blog
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Jekyll i18n Filter


I'm not the creator of this code. This code was originally create by @gacha. I just put it in a repository to be easy to clone. I don't wanna to steal nothing from anyone. Just make easier for more folks like me to use it.

The link for the original file is at gacha's repo.

Thanks @gacha!

Jekyll i18n Filter is an option for localization in your Jekyll blog.

The setup

To start localize things is easy.

Just copy i18n_filter.rb file to your plugins directory.

After copy it you'll need to change LOCALE to your desired locale like, for example, pt-BR.

To use localize you'll need to download from rails-i18n the locale that you put in LOCALE and put it in _locales folder.

How to use

You can use localize in Jekyll variables like post date. Example:

{{ | localize: "%d/%m/%Y" }}

Eaaaaasy as get drunk!