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Air Cursor library for Qt applications using Kinect

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Air Cursor library for Qt applications using Kinect

This library allows natural user interactions in Qt applications using a Kinect as the input device. Users can manipulate content on the screen by moving their hand around and making grab gestures by closing their hand. This corresponds roughly to traditional mouse movements and click-and-hold events.

You can see an example application using this library in action in a YouTube video.

This library is available under the LGPL license and has been developed by Nemein as part of the EU-funded SmarcoS project.


See Kinect on Ubuntu with OpenNI for a tutorial on how these pieces fit together.

Quick instructions

  1. Make sure dependencies (OpenNI, Nite, OpenCV) are included in your .pro file
  2. Add aircursor.h and aircursor.cpp to your project
  3. Instantiate AirCursor class in your code
  4. Call AirCursor::init()
  5. Connect AirCursor signals to your QObjects
  6. Call AirCursor::start()

Example usage can be found in EXAMPLE_DebugView and EXAMPLE_Game folders. In the former there is an example showing how to display the debug view provided by Air Cursor. In the latter there is a simple game showing how Air Cursor can be used with hand tracking and grabbing.

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