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See for the most up to date documentation

This plugin adds parsing of resource (e.g. javascript or css) files in from the base path
directory as GSP files so you can use GSP tags and pass in models/data. Primary
motivation for this was providing a way to pass in relative paths to resources for
JS to access controllers for AJAX calls. For example you can do this in your js:-

$(function() {
    $("#task").autocomplete('${g.createLink(controller: "task", action: "suggestTask")}', {
        max: ${max},
        width: 300

The g.createLink tag is now relative to the url, so if the URL to your controller
contains a /id, this js file will still work.

It also allows CSS to use and set variables, or use paths to resources easily.
So for example you can do this:

body {
    background: url('${g.resource(dir: "image", file: "thing.png")}');
    color: #${color};

To use the GSP parsing for javascript you use the controller url with the file path
add a URL Mapping like this to make the URLs pretty

"/resource/$path**"(controller: 'script', action: 'parse')

then just include something like this in your layout templates:

<script type="text/javascript" src="resource/js/application.js"></script>

The mime type is guessed for files with .js or .css endings otherwise set to text/plain.
You can override the mimetype using the type parameter. The primary type is
fixed as text.

e.g. resource/somewhere/application.blat?type=text%2Fjavascript

returns mime type "text/javascript"


returns mime type "blat"

To set a parameter just add it to the URL. For example to set the color for the CSS
example above add ?color=FFF to the url.