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Materialien und Beispielseiten für das MIZ Coding Kit

Updated May 18, 2016


forked from timshadel/heroku-buildpack-github-netrc

Heroku buildpack to access private Github repos over HTTPS without storing user/pass in your files.

Updated May 14, 2016

JavaScript 0 24


forked from eleven41/aws-lambda-copy-s3-objects

An AWS Lambda function to copy objects from a source S3 bucket to a target S3 bucket as they are added to the source bucket.

Updated Mar 23, 2016

Objective-C 1 0


A simple way to parse JSON to NSManagedObject and observe changes.

Updated Feb 12, 2016

Swift 0 19


forked from zalando/MapleBacon

MapleBacon is a Swift image download and caching library.

Updated Aug 18, 2015

Ruby 0 0


Simply mirror git repos to other git repos

Updated May 29, 2015