PySQLPool is a MySQL Connection Pooling for Python 2.4+ built on-top of the famous MySQLdb Python library. My goal of PySQLPool is to provide a simple yet robust pooling library for use in and Python application. Wether it be a simple script to a complex website built on WSGI. PySQLPool can handle it. Even this very website is built upon it, and…
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What is PySQLPool

PySQLPool is at the heart a MySQL Connection Pooling library for use with the MySQLDB Python bindings.

Part of the PySQLPool is the MySQL Query class that handles all the thread safe connection locking, connection management in association with the Connection Manager, and cursor management. Leaving all the work you have to do in your code is write MySQL Queries. Saving you hours of work.


Linux/Mac OS X:

cd PySQLPool
python build
sudo python install

- or -

sudo easy_install PySQLPool


cd PySQLPool
python build
python install


The documentation for PySQLPool is constructed using Sphinx. You can view the raw text files in doc/, or if you wish to view an html version in doc/html/ or via the web at


PySQLPool is licensed under the LGPL. You can find out more in the included LICENSE file.

Got a Bug, Question, or Idea to Improve PySQLPool

Bugs can be submitted at Blueprints/Ideas can be submitted at Questions/Answers can be submitted at






If you would like to contribute back to PySQLPool. Fill free to fork a branch and ask for a pull, or just submit me a patch. Eather via 'git format-patch' if you want true tracked credit or just a normal diff patch.

Basic Folder Structure

  • RST based documentation
  • Base Source Code

/src/PySQLPool - Actual Source Code /test - Unittest via PyUnit