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GLFW3 Language Bindings for Delphi

This repository contains Delphi language bindings and binaries for GLFW3 version 3.3.7.

It supports Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Intel macOS (64-bit).

Source Code

The only unit you need is Neslib.Glfw3, which contains the header translations for GLFW3.


The Example directory contains a minimal example of using GLFW and OpenGL to show a spinning triangle.


This repository contains pre-compiled dynamic libraries for Windows and macOS. These can be found in the Libraries folder.

To deploy your GLFW3 application:

  • For Windows: place the glfw3_32.dll (32-bit) or glfw3_64.dll (64-bit) file in the same directory as the executable.
  • For macOS: add the file libglfw.3.dylib to the Delphi Deployment Manager and set the Remote Path to Contents\MacOS\. You must also make sure that the location of the dylib file is added to the search path of your project or library path in your environment options (only for the "MacOS 64-Bit" configuration).


Documentation can be found in the HTML Help file DelphiGlfw.chm in the Doc directory.

Alternatively, you can read the documentation on-line.