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Nessos Information Technologies S.A.

ISV specializing on the development of integrated software solutions and software tools.

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  1. LinqOptimizer LinqOptimizer Public

    An automatic query optimizer-compiler for Sequential and Parallel LINQ.

    F# 474 45

  2. Streams Streams Public

    A lightweight F#/C# library for efficient functional-style pipelines on streams of data.

    F# 381 46

  3. GpuLinq GpuLinq Public

    Democratizing GPGPU programming through OpenCL and LINQ.

    F# 182 14

  4. Eff Eff Public

    A library design for programming with effects and handlers in C#

    C# 120 12

  5. PerfUtil PerfUtil Public

    A simple F# utility for testing performance

    F# 33 11

  6. Splicer Splicer Public

    Expression Tree splicing in C#

    C# 9 5


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