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What's this?

This project was based in octo-code/webp-unity3d.

I decided that there should be a simpler way and I created unity.webp, a plugin that helps you to use webp in your Unity3d projects in a clear and easy way and works in iOS, Android, Windows, Linux projects.


  • currently, not support ios-simulator. but it is easy to add if you have a little effort.

The fast track

All you have to do to start using it in your project:

  1. Download this .unitypackage, extract its content on your Unity3D Project. It contains the dlls that Unity3d will need to access webp.
  2. You’re done!


If you want to try it I've uploaded a small example that you will be able to find in the example folder. Download the folder and open it with Unity3d to give it a try. It contains classes that will help you to start.


This project is based on the work of:


  • android-ndk-r15c-darwin-x86_64.zip




  • BSD


  • refactoring
  • SafeHandle