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Welcome to the NDP Repository.

NDP is a redesign of the datacenter transport stack including switches, transport protocol and endpoint implementations. A great way to start learning about NDP is to watch this short movie clip. You can find a more detailed overview of NDP operation in the overview page.

The purpose of this repo is to help researchers and practitioners experiment with NDP. The resources included in this repo include:

  • The NDP implementation in the htsim simulator: code, documentation
  • The NDP stack implementation in Linux (based on DPDK) (soon)
  • The NetFPGA switch implementation code, documentation
  • The P4 switch implementation (soon)
  • The NDP switch software implementation over DPDK (soon)

NDP is the result of a three year collaboration between University Politehnica of Bucharest (Costin Raiciu, Alexandru Agache and Andrei Voinescu), University College London (Mark Handley) and University of Cambridge (Gianni Antichi, Marcin Wojcik and Andrew Moore). Funding for this work has been partly provided by Trilogy 2 FP7 and SSICLOPS H2020 projects (European Commission).

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