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A macruby shell. Strives to be both unixy and rubyish and objcish at the same time.

Differentiates between 'interactive' commands (prints to stdout) and 'capturing' commands (returns its value as array of lines). default to interactive, as that's the Unix default. Run command as "capture" by suffixing underscore: _.

10:35:04 nevyn:ocsh$ ls
=> true
10:35:06 nevyn:ocsh$ ls_
=> ["ocsh.rb", ""]

Unixifies rubyish arguments.

git 'commit', :m => "Refactor and do more fancy stuff with args"
git 'commit', :amend

:m becomes -m, :foobar becomes --foobar.

Config file is at ~/.ocshrc. Just type ruby in it. ocsh is just irb with a method_missing, so ~/.irbrc will be run too, after ocsrc.