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NexoPOS 3.x Issues Repository

This respository is a public repository to submit issues and feautre request. Anyone can have access to it to submit issues, but only thoses having a valid CodeCanyon purchase code will have a priority. In order to download project, a one click update will be implemented on NexoPOS 3.x and premium users will be able to update their system without having to manage technical stuffs.

Before Submitting An issue

Before submitting an issue, we would like you to make sure that everything has been tested from your side. If the issue consist of a bug which lead to an unexpected behaviour, make sure everything is configured correctly from your side. Check our YouTube Channel or our blog NexoPOS to have access to our documentation resources. Usually we cannot provide a support if a project has been edited by the user, but we might be able to help if the customization is slight (doesn't involve functions, class or variable creation).

In what consist the issues

In order to help you, if you face some issue, we might need to have the following informations :

  • Your NexoPOS version
  • Your PHP version
  • Your MySQL version
  • Your browser
  • Some Details about your hosting (only if it's a shared, vpn or dedicated hosting).
  • You should provide a clear description (step by step) which can help us to reproduce the issue on a fresh environment.

The title of the issue should have a prefix similar to this : Issue : [your title], for example Issue : creating a customer doesn't works.

In some case, we'll have to take a look at your system, that might need extra informations which can only be provided privately to the dedicated support team:

Skype : blair_jersyer
Whatsapp : +237656988008
Email :
Facebook :

About the Feature And Issues Submittion Request

We usually (not each month) thanks all our customers which help us by submitting issues or sharing some new ideas. It's 3 times nothing, but a small reward offered to the most commited. The reward might consist of a PayPal money transfer, a discount on one of our items or services or any other equivalent goods. When the contest is launched, we have all our customers informed.

Feature Submittion

We're happy to hear that you want to contribute, and as said before, we're really thankful to all thoses who contribute in anyway. If we have to deal with Feature submittion, it has to be clear in a way we can understand what it's all about.So the Feature Submittion should look like this.

Title Composition

The title of the feature can be either New Feature : [your title] or Improvement : [your title].

What is that about ?

  • If the feature is an improvement of an existing feature, this feature has to be mentionned and the reason why it needs improvement.
  • If the feature is a new one, it thas to be mentionned why the system needs that feautre.

How should that be implemented ?

  • You might provide a clear description of how the feature should be implemented. This description might include "creating a new menu under the site settings" for example. The More the is clear, the more it has a chance to be nominated for the FAISR and to be implemented on the core.
  • Having a draft of image with your idea is HIGHTLY encouraged.


A repository to track down all NexoPOS 3 issues



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